Ashkenazi: Mistakes are made in the heat of the battle

Ashkenazi Mistakes are

IDF Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi maintained Friday that the IDF was the most moral army in the world, while conceding that mistakes were sometimes made "in the head of the battle." "We are learning lessons and we will correct our mistakes," he said while speaking to high school students in Beersheba concerning last winter's Operation Cast Lead and the Goldstone Commission's scathing report. He went on to blast Hamas for operating in civilian areas. "We hit [innocent] people, but Hamas intentionally operates in built-up areas, and we need to protect ourselves when, for example, we see a terror cell setting up a Grad missile to be fired at Beersheba, and that's exactly whet we did," he said. "We also check Palestinian complaints, something no other army does, and sometimes we're not proud of the results." If Hamas continues to launch rockets at Israel, stressed Ashkenazi, Israel will have no choice but to conduct another operation in Gaza.