Bank employee suspected of stealing millions from customers

For years a trusted teller at a Taibeh bank siphoned millions from the accounts of loyal, unsuspecting bank customers before the scam unraveled and he was arrested this week, police reported on Tuesday.
The anti-fraud unit of the Central District police said Tuesday that the 49-year-old Baka al-Gharbiya resident, who worked for more than 20 years at the bank, managed to skim money from customer accounts for years until the bank's internal security unit caught on to the scam and notified police.
Chief Inspector Ran Batat, head of the Central District's anti-fraud unit, said police so far don't have any indication that the man was working the scam on behalf of organized crime figures in the Triangle, but that the possibility has not been ruled out.
While Batat would not go into details about how the scam worked, he said the employee learned the bank's operating system quite well in the more than 20 years he worked there, and was well aware of how to make it work to his advantage. He added that all of the customers' money was insured by the banks.
On Tuesday the man was brought before the Kfar Saba Magistrate's Court, where they extended his remand until Sunday.