Bar manager: Mosque bomb plot suspect vowed blast

Hours before his arrest outside a popular Detroit-area mosque, a 63-year-old California man held court at a nearby sports bar, telling an employee that he was a Vietnam veteran-turned Muslim holy warrior, that he planned to set off a "big explosion," and that he was "going to be part of making history," the employees said Monday.
Joe Nahhas, a manager at J.S. Fields bar in Detroit, told The Associated Press that a man identified after his arrest as Roger Stockham ordered a double-Scotch on the rocks on Jan. 24 and told him he planned to cause an explosion that would be "here, there, the mosque."
Stockham — who is bipolar and suffers from other psychiatric disorders, according to an attorney who represented him in a previous case — was wearing a Vietnam War veteran hat and said he was a Muslim and a member of an Indonesian mujahedeen group, Nahhas said.