Barak praises IDF conduct in border clash

Defense Minister Ehud Barak Wednesday praised the IDF's conduct in the border confrontation with Lebanese forces the previous day.
The IDF's response to the Lebanese Army's attack across the border was "measured, correct and immediate," Barak said in an interview with Yaron Dekel on Israel Radio. He added that the isolated incident would not widen into a real crisis.
Barak also stated in the interview that the border confrontation was apparently unplanned and that Hizbullah was not involved in the attack. He cast doubt on the credibility of reports that the attack had be prepared by the Lebanese in advance and that reporters had been invited to watch the events.
During the interview, Barak reiterated Israel's opposition to the transfer of advanced weaponry to the Lebanese Army by France and the US. Some of that weaponry was used in the incident on Tuesday, Barak noted.