Bennett: I'd ask for exemption if asked to evacuate homes

Bayit Hayehudi leader Naftali Bennett on Thursday said he would ask to be exempted from orders to remove settlers from their homes were he in such a position.
In an interview on Channel 2's "Mishal Cham" program, Bennet said, "If I would receive an order to remove a Jew from his house and expel him, me personally, my conscience would not allow it. I would ask the commander for an exemption."
"I would not call publicly to refuse orders," he added, but continued to say, "When a black flag flies over an order, you don't carry it out. To expel people from this land is a horrendous thing. I will work with all my soul and with all my strength not to allow that to happen."
"It is an integral part of being a soldier to refuse orders on matters of conscience," he concluded.
Following the interview, Bennett posted a message on his Facebook page explaining himself: "As someone who has led fighters numerous times in operations and in the field of combat, I oppose with all my heart and soul the refusal of orders. Every order I was given during my 22 years in the IDF I carried out and will continue to carry out. Personally, I am unable to expel a family from their home, and I would ask my commander to release me from doing so."