Bomb explodes outside Russian synagogue, no one hurt

MOSCOW -- A powerful home-made bomb exploded outside of aRussian synagogue, earlyMonday morning; no one was injured. Property damage is estimated at$5,000.

Theexplosion in thetown of Tver, about 140 miles northwest of Moscow, left a gaping holein thedoor of the synagogue, damaged the iron fence of the building, andknocked outseveral windows in a neighboring house.

Anti-terrorismexpertsfrom the Moscowoffice of the Federal Security Service have been called to Tver to takepart inthe investigation.  Headof the cityadministration, Vladimir Babichev, suggested the explosion could beconnectedto a series of vandalism incidents at the Jewish cemetery in Tver.  Agroup of extremists from the Russian National Unity movement wasarrested in2006, after vandalizing about 200 Jewish gravestones with swastikas.Since thenthere have been several more incidents at the cemetery, but no one hasbeencharged.