Police shoot man while trying to stop gang of car thieves

Police shot and badly wounded an East Jerusalem man while trying to stop a gang of suspected car thieves outside Tel Aviv Monday morning.
The man, who police said was part of the gang, was wounded when he and two other suspects came to a police checkpoint near the Geha intersection on the Bnei Barak-Petah Tikva border and refused to stop. Police said the gang rammed a police car with their vehicle, at which point they opened fire, hitting the driver.
The drama began Monday morning when detectives set out to patrol in Givat Shmuel, after they got an indication that a gang of East Jerusalem car thieves they’d been tracking was in the area, driving a car reported stolen months earlier, police said.
The cops made their way to an apartment building in the neighborhood and set up an ambush for the four suspects, who had entered one of the apartments, allegedly to rob it. After they exited police managed to arrest one suspect, but the others fled in a waiting car. It was shortly thereafter that they arrived at the checkpoint near Geha.
The man who was shot was taken to Beilinson Hospital in moderate to serious condition. Two others fled from the car and have yet to be found, police said Monday evening.