China's security chief vows justice after deadly train station attack

China will spare no effort to seek justice for a "terrorist attack" at a crowded train station, its domestic security chief said, after militants from the restive region of Xinjiang were blamed for chilling violence that killed at least 29 people.
Authorities said a group of knife-wielding "terrorists" launched a "premeditated" attack at the Kunming Railway Station late in China's southwest on Saturday night. More than 130 people were also wounded.
Police shot four of the attackers dead and captured one, state news agency Xinhua reported. It quoted the Kunming city government as saying evidence at the crime scene showed the attack was carried out by "Xinjiang separatist forces".
About five others were on the run, it said, after one of the worst attacks of its kind in China in recent memory.
"This brutal attack on defenseless, innocent people by violent terrorists devoid of conscience exposes their inhuman and anti-social nature," Xinhua quoted security chief Meng Jianzhu as saying.
"They inevitably will face the severe punishment of the law. We must mobilize all resources and adopt all means to break this case," Meng said, echoing comments made by Chinese President Xi Jinping.