Clashes erupt as Nieto becomes Mexico's new president

The scene in Mexico City - not far from where Enrique Pena Nieto was being sworn in as the country's new president. Protesters rattled metal barriers and hurled Molotov cocktails among other things (over image of person throwing bike) at police in a bid to disrupt the ceremony.
It wasn't long before officers began using tear gas to disperse the crowd.
The Red Cross says at least 23 people are being treated for injuries. Local media reported that one person lost their eye after being hit by a rubber bullet.
Many of the demonstrators are supporters of Nieto's political rivals. The 46-year-old conservative's victory marks the PRI political party's return to power after years of sitting on the sidelines for 12 years. Addressing the nation, Nieto vowed to end years of violence and sluggish growth in Mexico