Coalition leader Dudu Amsalem: ‘stop the incitement before it’s too late’

As thousands protest against government corruption in Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv on Saturday night coalition leader Dudu Amsalem said that the protesters “want to change the government without using the ballot box and on their way cross every red line that there is.”
He went on to complain that in previous demonstrations mocking images of himself and David Bitan in which they were depicted as apes were used.
“Last week [in their march] they got to [using] a guillotine and inciting to murder and tonight to a sign labeled “traitoriyahu” against the prime minister,” he said.
The guillotine in questioned was brought by a protestor who claimed he is a pacifist and is merely using it as a symbol.
Amsalem called on leaders of the Left, Yair Lapid and Avi Gabbay to ‘’end the incitement before it is too late.”
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