Conflicting reports as to date Brit in Gaza will be freed

Conflicting reports emerged Monday afternoon regarding the fate of held British filmaker Paul Martin, with Israel Radio reporting that Martin would soon be freed, according to Hamas sources, and the Associated Press reporting that he would be held for 15 days.
Martin was detained Sunday at a Gaza military tribunal where he was to testify on behalf of a Gaza man accused of collaborating with Israel, said Hamas Interior Ministry spokesman Ehab Ghussein. He had just begun to speak when the prosecutor ordered police to arrest him, saying the Briton was wanted in the case, according to Ehab Jaber, the attorney for the Gaza man accused of collaborating.
"The policeman put the handcuffs on him, and took him out of the court to prison. They were rough with him," said Jaber, who witnessed the scene.
Ghussein said Martin, who has produced reports in the past for British Broadcasting Corporation and The Times of London,is suspected of harming Gaza's security. He said the order to detainhim for 15 days was based on a confession by a suspected collaboratorwith Israel — an apparent reference to the man on trial.
Martin has met with British consular officials since his arrest, Ghussein said.