Defense establishment may press charges against Hamas officials

Defense establishment ma

Israel's defense establishment on Wednesday called on the Defense Ministry, Foreign Ministry and Justice Ministry to seriously consider pressing charges in courts around the world against Hamas commanders and operatives who carried out terror attacks in Israel for years and fought against the IDF during Operation Cast Lead. According to various reports, defense officials said classified information, including names and photographs, would be revealed in order to prepare demands for compensation and indictments against terrorists who hid in kindergartens, schools, hospitals and UN structures throughout the IDF's three-week offensive and in the eight years that preceded it, forcing IDF troops to harm civilians in order to prevent the firing of rockets, close smuggling tunnels and purge terrorist activity from the area. However, a top Defense Ministry official stated that progress would have to be made cautiously. "We have to take all aspects into account, we must not be dragged into the sort of field our enemies are trying to drag us into," he was quoted as saying on Israel Radio.