Democrats urge Weiner to resign, new photos emerge

WASHINGTON - New lewd photos emerged of US Representative Anthony Weiner on Sunday as Democratic party leaders renewed calls for him to resign over an Internet sex scandal that prompted him to seek a leave of absence and treatment.
Debbie Wasserman Schultz, chair of the Democratic National Committee, said party leaders including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi decided to make a coordinated push for Weiner to step down once it was clear he did not intend to do so.
Weiner's spokeswoman said the New York congressman checked into a treatment facility and would be requesting a "short leave" of absence from the House of Representatives so he could get evaluated and map out a course of treatment.
Wasserman Schultz's comments came as new pictures emerged on the Internet of the seven-term congressman, dressed only in a towel, taking photos of himself in front of a mirror in the congressional gym's locker room.
Weiner's determination to remain, bolstered by support from his New York City constituents, has angered Democrats. They say his inappropriate online exchanges with at least six women have hurt the party as it seeks to regain control of the House of Representatives from Republicans in 2012 elections.