Divided Egyptian media reflect split in the country

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi was in Berlin on Wednesday to meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel amid the latest political crisis back home, in which more than 50 people have been killed.
Meanwhile, protests continued in Egypt amid reports on Wednesday of fighting between protesters and “thugs,” according to the Egyptian Al-Masry al-Youm. The Arab and Middle Eastern media have been commenting on the situation, often to dramatic effect.
The Egyptian media is generally divided between pro- and anti-Muslim Brotherhood outlets. In addition, there are those seeking to put the blame on one party or another.
For instance, Khalid Amayreh wrote an article in Al-Ahram titled, “The rich Arabs’ betrayal of Egypt,” where he blasts the “oilrich Arab states” that are “watching rather indifferently as 90 million Egyptians reel under a harsh, unprecedented economic and financial crisis.”