Dozens counter-protest haredi demonstrations in Jerusalem

Dozens of activists gathered in Jerusalem Thursday for a counter protest to the haredi demonstrations against the Emmanuel rulings.
The counter protest was headed by MK Nitzan Horowitz (Meretz) as well as several Jerusalem city council members.
Protesters carried signs with messages such as " one nation - one law" and "yes to law, no to discrimination."
The protest began in the Russian Compound where the haredi demonstration was taking place, but was later moved to Jaffa Street in Jerusalem.
In his speech to the protesters, MK Horowitz referenced the relatively small number of activists, saying "Massive numbers of our people cannot convene for protests in the middle of the day because they work, study and need to support themselves."
Horowitz added "we have come to a point that our country must decide if we are a democracy or a halacha state."