Egypt PM: Vote delay would help post-Mubarak order

CAIRO - Egyptian Prime Minister Essam Sharaf said he backed delaying a parliamentary election due in September which the well-organized Islamists are widely expected to dominate.
Sharaf, who was appointed by the military council ruling Egypt since popular protests drove President Hosni Mubarak from office on Feb. 11, argued that delaying the vote would help efforts to reorder the country.
"It could give more opportunity for political life to crystallize," Sharaf said in an interview aired by Nile television on Sunday, echoing comments attributed to him by al-Shorouk newspaper on June 13.
Asked about relations between the cabinet and the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, which has ruled out rescheduling the ballot, he said: "There is coordination. We are in the same boat. All that concerns us is that we deliver this boat safely."