Elaraby: Syrian crisis too complicated for West involvement

Western powers will not likely intervene to stop the crisis in Syria because of the "complexity" of the issue, Arab League chief Nabil Elaraby told Egyptian daily Al Shorouk Tuesday.
"There won't be repeat of scenario we saw in Libya in Syria," Elaraby said, referring to the military assistance provided by NATO to Libyan rebels who overthrew the regime of leader Muammar Gaddafi.
Elaraby was citing fears that a military intervention in Syria would drag the region into a larger conflict due to Damascus's allies.
The Arab League chief said the Syrian opposition "has not matured yet," saying the Syrian Revolution General Commission, a coalition of some 40 opposition groups, is unable to change the facts on the ground.
Speaking a day after Syrian President Bashar Assad agreed to a league plan to send Arab monitors to the embattled country, Elaraby insisted the original resolve of the plan was intact. He said Syrian amendments did not change the nature of the observers' mission.
Elaraby explained that monitors would hail from Arab countries, adding that some may be from Islamic countries as well. Their goal will be to provide protection for Syrian civilians so that opposition groups and the Assad government may carry out a dialogue for planning Syria's future ruling power and ending the nine-month violent conflict. 
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