Emissaries serving Israel abroad denied right to vote

Emissaries of Israeli NGOs stationed around the world are Israeli citizens serving their country abroad – but they can’t vote, much to their frustration.
The only citizens permitted to vote in Israeli embassies and consulates, according to the Election Law, are diplomats or emissaries who receive their salary from the Jewish Agency.
Meanwhile, hundreds of emissaries from youth groups, and religious and educational NGOs – most of whom are recognized and even trained by the Jewish Agency – are not allowed to exercise their right to vote unless they fly back to Israel.
Dalia Shapira, 19 and of Ra’anana, is currently doing National Service (Sherut Leumi) through religious-Zionist youth group Bnei Akiva in Scarsdale, NY, and was notified that she cannot vote at the Israeli consulate in New York.