Enraged Minister Katz bursts into a meeting over pensions for the elderly

Minister of Social Services Haim Katz accused Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon Sunday of unjustly halting the approving process of a law pushed by Katz.
Katz blasted Kahlon during a Sunday meeting of the various leaders of the coalition parties.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was also present at the meeting and Katz pointed out that the prime minister had been involved during the negotiations between the Finance ministry and the ministry of Social Services.
A law proposed by Minister Katz that will match pensions of elderly citizens to the current average wage in Israel was supposed to be discussed in the Ministers legislation meeting in order to be approved, but was instead pushed back by one week.
The new law, if approved, will cost 660 million NIS per year. The delay was requested by the ministry of Finance despite an earlier agreement between the Social Services and Finance ministries that the law-proposal will be discussed in the next meeting.
Katz walked out of the meeting with the assurance that the delay will not be more than a week long and was the result of technical issues only.