Erekat: Israel seeking to keep occupation, cost-free

Palestinian Authority chief negotiator Saeb Erekat responded to reports that Israel was mulling dissolving the PA as a response to the Palestinian UN statehood bid on Wednesday, saying Jerusalem's strategy was to "keep the occupation, cost-free."
Erekat's comments came after a Foreign Ministry policy paper leaked to the Israeli media listed cancelling the Oslo Agreements and ousting PA President Mahmoud Abbas as a possible response to the PA's bid to become a non-member UN state. The position paper was reported to represent the opinion of Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman. Liberman has repeatedly called for Abbas's ouster as PA president.
Erekat stated that the Oslo process was supposed to have led to an Israeli-Palestinian agreement by 1999, and Israel's threats to cancel the accords were empty, as they had abandoned Oslo years ago. "There strategy is to keep the occupation, cost-free. That is alien to Oslo. Our UN bid aims to make sure that Oslo and the peace process continues," he said in an interview with Army Radio.
The PA official slammed the foreign minister personally, saying that even if Mother Theresa or Thomas Jefferson headed the Palestinian Authority, Liberman would claim that there was no partner for peace, and that they  should be killed.