Eric Cantor: Israel a key strategic ally in Middle East

House Republican Whip Eric Cantor issued a harsh response Thursday to US President Barack Obama’s remarks in Tuesday's New York Times that Israel may be “costing us significantly in terms of both blood and treasure.”
“Israel is a democracy that has always made the sacrifices necessary for peace despite living under constant threats to their very existence. The true barrier to ending the Mideast conflict is the widespread Palestinian refusal to accept and to live alongside Israel as a Jewish state," said Cantor. "While Israel continues its search for a reliable partner in peace, Palestinian terrorism is still celebrated in the West Bank and Gaza. Despite this reality, since day one the White House has applied a severe double standard that refuses to hold the Palestinians accountable for their many provocations. It makes one wonder where the responsible adults are in the administration?"
He said that with each passing day more Americans were becoming increasingly concerned about the deteriorating state of US-Israel relations, adding that he "couldn’t agree more" with the concerns expressed in a letter from World Jewish Congress President Ron Lauder."The American people understand that Israel is a key strategic ally in the Middle East, one that we should stand with in our mutual struggle to prevent the spread of Islamic extremism and a nuclear Iran," Cantor concluded.