Ethiopian immigrants to gather in Jaffa for largest Seder in Israel

The biggest Seder night event in Israel this year will bring together some 1,600 people from the Ethiopian immigrant community in Jaffa, including 450 families and 800 children.
The Seder is part of a societal, economic and educational support program of the Olim B’hatzlacha project, of the “Man to his Fellow” fund and the “Communities Fund, which provides financial support for professional training and employment guidance within the immigrant community, as well as leadership development among other activities. 
In preparation for the massive event, 120 kilos of matza were purchased, along with almost half a ton of meat for the meal; 150 kilos of parsley for the “Karpas” section of the Haggadah; 2,000 bottles of wine for the Four Cups of Wine every adult must imbibe on Seder night; 100 kilos of horse radish for the bitter herbs; and 300 kilos of haroset.