Ex-defense minister Liberman 'shocked' at ultra-Orthodox reaction to Shabbat bus

Ex-defense minister Avigdor Liberman spoke out today in condemnation of the actions of the haredi community, after the local government in Tiberias started running buses on Shabbat.
"I was shocked to hear the ultra-Orthodox city of Tiberias declared a mass prayer against the mayor and threatened a tax revolt," Liberman said. "We should mention the founding fathers of Zionism: Herzl, Pinsker and Jabotinsky, very much loved tradition in Israel and drew our original ideas in order to formulate political and social perception."
"However, they are never sure about keeping the Sabbath and kashrut. Even Trumpeldor, pioneers and, not just Betar, were among observant," Liberman said. "If we had waited, Gafni, Weizmann, Deri - the Jewish state would never have been established. So I call on the haredi community activists to break away from the self-interested group, join the army and go to work. I urge all of us to adopt a simple principle: live and let live."
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