Factory emissions levels fall again in 2014

Factory emissions fell for a second year in 2014 with Israel Oil Refineries Ltd. remaining the country’s worst polluter, according to an Environmental Protection Ministry report released Monday night.
Although varying from contaminant to contaminant, air pollution levels dropped as much as 53 percent in 2014 in comparison to those in 2012 – after falling as much as 40% in 2013, according to the newly published figures.
The ministry unveiled the data, which includes a survey of 507 factories and their emissions levels, among other information, in its 2014 Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (PRTR).
Topping the chart of the most offending factories in terms of emissions release was Israel Oil Refineries Ltd. (Bazan), for the second consecutive year. The ministry stressed that its officials, this year, have filed four indictments against the company’s factories, for various air and water pollution events.
“We will continue to take every measure against pollution, because protection of public health and air quality is our main priority,” said Environmental Protection Ministry director-general Yisrael Danzinger.
“The plan that focuses on reducing pollution in the Haifa Bay will be expanded to additional areas, while providing accessibility to all information in a transparent and detailed manner to the citizens of Israel.”