Farrakhan : Obama is 'the American president, not the black president'

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Minister Louis Farrakhan on Sunday urged his followers not to become complacent by US President Barack Obama's election and to work to repair communities.
The 76-year-old Nation of Islam leader said in a speech commemorating the 14th anniversary of the Million Man March that people shouldn't become pacified by the election of the first black president.
"This can pacify you and lull you to sleep in a dangerous time, making you think that we live in a post-racial America - when the opposite is true," he said to loud applause.
"You may not be pleased with everything he's saying and doing, but you have to understand that he's been voted in to take care of the affairs of a nation, and not yours and mine particularly," Farrakhan said. "He's the American president, not the black president."