Ex-defense minister calls for new leadership after police recommendation

Former Minister of Defense and Chief of Staff Moshe (Bogie) Ya'alon commented on the indictment of Netanyahu today for Case 4000.
"'Israeli citizens! As a citizen of the State and as Prime Minister, I have the respect and appreciation of the Israel Police, the belief in the rule of law and its preservation.
"Even in my difficult time, my respect and appreciation for the police remained impeccable.
"I have no doubt about her professionalism and the purity of her intentions.
"I believe that the police erred in its recommendations to me, but I believe in my innocence and I am convinced that I will be able to prove it.'"
"Had Netanyahu had a drop of national responsibility, he would have delivered this speech today. This is what a national leader would do. But this is Netanyahu.
"Like the last of the criminals, he accuses the police, lashes out at his interrogators, continues the campaign of incitement against the outgoing commissioner.
"Even if it turns out that all the suspicions against Netanyahu are true, all of them are dwarfed by their damage to the State of Israel, as opposed to the same campaign against the rule of law and the enforcement agencies that Netanyahu leads. He does so, because he can do it! Because he has ministers and sworn Knesset members who spread the words of incitement and lies. And this is a real danger to Israeli society.
"Benjamin Netanyahu is a prime minister with many achievements in many areas, but the campaign of revenge he is leading against the rule of law in Israel, and the incitement of the masses against the legal and legal system, is enough to determine that the man is unworthy and unfit to lead the country. It's time for new leadership!"