Former Olmert aide Shula Zaken may be indicted for eavesdropping

The Jerusalem District Attorney's Office on Monday sent former Ehud Olmert aide Shula Zaken a letter subpoenaing her to a hearing on the 'Wiretapping Affair.' The prosecution is considering serving an indictment against Zaken, who was Olmert's aide when he served as industry, trade and labor minister, prior to his term as prime minister. The prosecution alleged that Zaken systematically listened in on Olmert's private phone calls, sometimes on her own and at other times appointing several of his secretaries to listen in on his calls in her behalf. The prosecution claims that Zaken eavesdropped on Olmert routinely, sometimes listening to dozens of calls a month. Police investigation revealed that Olmert himself and the people with whom he talked to on the phone were never aware that Zaken or others were eavesdropping.