France, Britain say Syria military intervention on table

UNITED NATIONS - France and Britain warned Syria's President Bashar Assad on Thursday that military action to secure safe zones for civilians inside the country was being considered despite the paralysis of the UN Security Council over how to end the 17-month conflict.
While the Security Council impasse between western nations and Russia and China means a resolution to approve such a move appears impossible, countries could act outside the authority of the world body and intervene, as happened in Kosovo in 1999.
"We're ruling nothing out and we have contingency planning for a wide range of scenarios," British Foreign Secretary William Hague told a news conference at the United Nations ahead of a meeting of Security Council foreign ministers later on Thursday to discuss how to ease Syria's humanitarian crisis.
"We also have to be clear that anything like a safe zone requires military intervention and that of course is something that has to be weighed very carefully," Hague said.