Gafni hits back after attack on yeshivot funding

Knesset Finance Committee chairman Moshe Gafni opened Wednesday's committee meeting by attacking the detractors of government support for yeshivot.
Gafni said he would go through the budget item by item and see what outlays were economically productive. "Over 60% of the budget is uneconomical,” he told the committee.
“This is an ideological issue,” Gafni continued. “Zionism and civics classes are ideological. I’m all-out opposed to the view that only what is economically productive should be included in the budget. It should be taken off the public agenda.
Gafni also responded to the low employment rate among the ultra-orthodox, saying, “I have said and will say again it is not the haredim who do not want to go to work, it is the state that does not want them to work, it lies when it says it wants them to work.”