Greek far-right leader says cannot vote for bailout

ATHENS - The leader of a far-right party in Prime Minister Lucas Papademos' coalition government on Friday said he could not vote in favor of a 130-billion euro bailout agreement the country needs to avoid going bankrupt.
"I explained to the other political leaders that I cannot vote for this loan agreement," George Karatzaferis, head of the LAOS party, told a news conference.
Karatzaferis's party has 15 deputies in the 300-seat Greek parliament, meaning a refusal to vote in favor would not prevent the bailout agreement from being passed in parliament.
Karatzaferis also asked for a reshuffle and a cabinet of technocrats.
He added that the International Monetary Fund's top official for Greece, Poul Thomsen, should be declared "persona non grata" in the debt-choked country.
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