Greek PM: Reform votes to end talk of euro exit

ATHENS - Talk of Greece exiting the euro will end after critical votes in parliament this week on new austerity measures and the 2013 budget, Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras said on Sunday.
On Monday, Samaras's coalition government will submit a package agreed with its international lenders of tax hikes, spending reductions and measures aimed at easing labor restrictions that will cut wages and severance payments and scrap automatic wage hikes.
A vote on the package - expected to pass with a slim majority in parliament - is expected on Wednesday. Lawmakers should then vote on the 2013 budget, which Greece must also approve to receive more aid funds from the International Monetary Fund and European Union, on Sunday.
"Now all this (talk of Greece exiting the euro) will end irreversibly after the two votes this week," Samaras told the deputies of his New Democracy Party.