Habimah actor Abbas gets death threats

An anonymous cyber-thug yesterday sent a death threat via an email to the Habimah theater, directed at Habimah actor Ghassan Abbas.
“Tell that dog of an Arab Nazi Wog Ghassan Abbas... that I’ll waste him myself, along with that skank, Issawi Freij,” said the message in part.
“No, I’m not afraid,” said Abbas decisively over the phone, “nor is my family. And I’ll continue to come to Habimah, do my shows. Not that I haven’t received hate-mail before. I have, but this is different.
“The mood [in Israel] is dangerous – not just for Arabs, also for Jews. I call on all who love their country to show restraint, to calm things down, and it needs to start with the politicians.”
Habimah general-manager Odelia Friedman said the hate missive “profoundly shocked” her, and that she has turned the mail over to the authorities.
A longtime company member at Habimah, Abbas is currently appearing in Oedipus – a Case History, was in The Good Soldier Schweik, and had his own one-man show, I Shall Not Hate, in which he played Gaza physician Azd el Din abu Eliash, who lost his three daughters in Operation Cast Lead.
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