Hamas, Israel agree to six months cease fire - report

Israel and Hamas agreed to a 6-month cease fire effective immediately, Channel 12 news reported on Monday evening.
Shortly after the report, reactions from all sides started to pile in.
The Arranging Committee of the Gaza strip March of Return protests responded to the announced  by saying that  "we will continue with the Friday marches until the siege is removed and the rights of our people restored."
Representatives of the Eshkol Regional Council in turn said that from their perspective, a ceasefire includes a complete cessation of incendiary balloons, terror attacks on the security fence, and the sporadic fire they are subjected to. 
MK Yoaz Hendel from the Blue and White party responded to the news, saying that in the Middle East, “agreements with terrorists are not worth the paper on which they are signed.” 
He also jokingly suggested people read the 1993 book A place among the nations, the book written by current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in which he explains his world-view. The book strongly argues against making agreements with radicals.  
MK Eitan Ginzburg, also from Blue and White said that the ceasefire is further proof that Netanyahu “has no policy” calling the agreement a “shameful surrender to terror which will continue to hit us.”     

This is a developing story. 
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