Hundreds protest surrogacy law in Tel Aviv

Hundreds of demonstrators gathered at Kikar Rabin in Tel Aviv on Thursday in preparation for a march in protest of a law passed Wednesday that denies state-supported surrogacy to homosexual couples and single men.
The bill expanded eligibility for state-supported surrogacy to include single women, rather than only to married heterosexual couples as it had previously. But it stopped there, generating uproar among the LGBTQ community and its supporters.
"The Israeli government is at war with its LGBT citizens," the march's organizers said. "It is activating all its cannons on all its fronts."
They went on to call the government "cut off from the people on the street who embrace us [the LGBT community] and believe in our rights."
"We demand equality in all walks of life, including in the [right to] raise a family like anybody else. We will continue to fight [for our rights] in the coming days and weeks until we get what we deserve."