I-Pad approved for import to Israel

Israelis who purchased I-Pads will finally be able to bring them into the country as of Sunday, following a decision announced Saturday by the Ministry of Communication to reverse a ban on importing the tablet computer.
A week and a half ago, the Ministry of Communication announced that they would ban the import of I-Pads to Israel because the device’s WI-FI transmitter was set to American standards and could interfere with local Wi-Fi operation, including that of the IDF.
A statement released by the Ministry of Communication on Saturday said it had subjected the I-Pad to intense scrutiny and determined “that the device which could be used in different standards will be used in Israel according to local standards.”
Following the lifting of the ban, Israelis will be allowed to bring in a single I-Pad free of customs charges. Those Israelis and tourists whose I-Pads were confiscated by customs officials will be able to take them from customs and use them in Israel, though they may be asked to pay storage fees for the time the I-Pads were impounded.
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