IAF commander: Proper prevention by the air force can stop a full scale war

Israel Air Force Commander Major-General Amir Eshel addressed the Jerusalem Post Diplomatic Conference on Wednesday, saying that proper prevention by the Air Force can stop a full scale war.
The whole world is understandably focused on the extreme Sunnis, Eshel said, but the Shi'ite organizations are also instigators.
"They are regionally focused, but have global aspirations," he said. "The ideology does not limit them to the boundaries of the Middle East. This is not just a regional issue, but also a global issue. "
"Even a single terrorist action can create escalation that can drag many players into conflict even without their wish to be part of it. A single rocket launched toward Israel that will hit something serious, we won't be able to neglect it," he said.
"Preventing this act can prevent a full scale war."