IDF intel officer testifies in NY on PA’s ‘revolving door policy’ for terrorists

Lt.-Col. (res.) Alon Eviatar, who led 50 IDF intelligence officers in a unit focused on Palestinian terrorism, testified for the plaintiffs in the terrorism case against the Palestinian Authority in Manhattan federal court on Thursday.
The court and the plaintiffs explained to the jury that Eviatar, with 15 years specializing in Palestinian affairs, would cover what he called the PA’s “revolving door policy” in loudly arresting and then quietly releasing terrorists.
Eviatar discussed how he founded and served as head investigator of a unit specializing in the civilian affairs of Hamas in the West Bank. “We identified strong connections between the civil apparatus of Hamas and the terror apparatus of Hamas,” he said.
Dozens of survivors of terrorist attacks may testify in a trial expected to last up to three months.
The defense denies the allegations and says that any PA employees involved in terrorism acted on their own.
The former intelligence officer talked about the relationships between the PLO, the PA, Fatah, the Aksa Martyrs Brigades, and most important, between the PA and Hamas.
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