IDF official: Media exaggerating US-Israel talks on Iran

The media has blown out of proportion US-Israel talks about the Iranian nuclear threat, Maj.-Gen. (res) Isaac Ben-Israel said in an interview with Army Radio on Sunday.
"It doesn't matter what Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and [US] President Obama speak about - [journalists] will say it had to do with Iran," Ben-Israel explained. "The Iranians are nearing [the completion of] a nuclear bomb and the whole world is tense. Anything that can be interpreted as talk of a strike is understood that way."
The US and Israel do not decide who will strike Iran and how in their meetings, the major-general said. "Right now, they are only exchanging ideas. There are many options [and this way] we won't end up in a situation where we don't know what to do."
The US would still fulfill its duty to update and revise its plans in the Gulf, he added, regardless of the Israeli government's preparations to strike.