In echo of 1st intifada, Arab press lauds ‘martyrs’ killed in traffic accident

Two Palestinians from the West Bank were killed in a car accident on Route 70 in the Galilee on Sunday, when they were hit by an Israeli truck driver while they were changing a tire on the side of the road.
Though the case received little coverage in the Hebrew press, in the Arab press and on Palestinian social media, the two victims – reported to be Zahi Subhi Abu Hamid, 44, from Kalkilya, and Shahid Anwar, 55, from Tulkarm – were named as “martyrs” of the Palestinian people.
After the traffic accident police reported clashes and stone-throwing at the Yavor junction nearby in the Galilee.
In the Arab press the case was compared to one that is widely believed to have sparked the first intifada, when an Israeli truck driver killed four Palestinians in a traffic accident in December 1987 in the Jabalya refugee camp in the Gaza Strip.