Intel launches new Israeli-developed 3G Ivy Bridge chip

Intel Corporation on Monday launched its 3G Ivy Bridge processor, which it developed in Israel and the US. The Ivy Bridge is a quad-core processor, which is designed to offer substantially improved graphics and computer processing speed. The processors will be embedded in PCs and all-in-one models that are now being shipped to stores.
Intel says that the Ivy Bridge is the first processor in the world produced by 22-nanometer technology based on 3D Tri-Gate transistors. Until now, transistors were 2D (planar) devices. Adding a third dimension enabled Intel to increase the number of transistors on a silicon chip, boosting performance per square millimeter of chip space.
"The Ivy Bridge processor is not only manufactured with new production technology, but also enables computers to run and respond faster," said Intel VP general manager Microprocessor and Chipset Development Group Rony Friedman.
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