Iran official: ‘Working with Syria is essential to eradicate terror'

Iran's former defense minister, Admiral Ali Shamkhani said on Tuesday that Iran is not threatened by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and will be working with Syria to fight terror, according to Hahadashot.
“Cooperation with Syria is essential to eradicate terror,” the senior official said in the report. “Our policies are founded on being good neighbors.”
"A good dialogue with our neighboring countries is important in order to deal with the security crisis in the region," Shamkhani continued.
Shamkhani's statement comes the same morning as Israel successful tested an Arrow-3 missile interception system, which defends against ballistic missiles.
The testing of this sophisticated system followed recent clashes in Iran, where the IDF fighter jets struck Iranian and Syrian military targets throughout Syria in the predawn hours of Monday. The IDF said this attack was in response to the firing of a missile a day earlier toward the Golan Heights.