Iranians blame 'unplanned' UK embassy raid on rage

TEHRAN - The storming of the British embassy in Tehran last month was not a planned attack but the result of an explosion of anger at London's meddling in Iranian affairs, a group that claimed responsibility for the incident said on Monday.
Three men who looked in their 20s said they were among the attackers of the British embassy compounds in Tehran on Nov. 29 but expressed no remorse over their acts, which further increased Iran's international isolation.
Mostafa Mostajeran, one of the representatives of the so-called "British spy nest pickets' council", said the intention had been to protest in front of the British mission and stage a 'mock arrest' of the ambassador.
"There had been no prior planning made to enter the embassy. But the rage people felt towards Britain led to the loss of control and resulted in the entry into the embassy," he said.
The incident came after London announced new sanctions aimed at forcing Tehran to halt its nuclear activities. The European Union and United States are still discussing further sanctions that could hit Iran's vital oil exports.
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