Israel braces for several days of stormy weather

After two days of respite from the sandstorm and rains that enveloped Israel earlier this week, the country is poised for a lengthier episode of thunderous storms forecasted to start on Saturday.
Flood conditions, strong winds, unseasonable cold and possible snowfall are expected to batter the region beginning on Shabbat and continuing on for at least several days after.
“The system will have several waves so it will be quite a prolonged one,” Dr. Amos Porat, head of the Climate Department at the Israel Meteorological Service, told The Jerusalem Post on Thursday.
Although weather forecasting models were split about whether conditions would be cold enough for snow in Jerusalem, Porat stressed that the country would be experiencing significant precipitation in the coming days.
The incoming wintry system is the result of an upper air trough with a surface depression in the eastern Mediterranean, he explained. A meteorological trough features low atmospheric pressure, as opposed to a ridge, which features high atmospheric pressure.