Israel targets Syrian artillery sites in response to mortar fire

The IDF on Sunday targeted artillery launchers in Syria in response to earlier Syrian mortar fire.
A Syrian mortar shell exploded a few hours earlier near al-Foran in the central Golan Heights. No injuries or damage were reported in the incident.
The IDF said in a statement that it holds Syrian authorities responsible for all actions that take place within its borders, adding that the IDF “will not allow any attempt to affect Israel’s sovereignty or the safety of its people.”
A military source said the fire was likely a spillover from the Syrian civil war.
Since the civil war in Syria erupted in 2011, mortar fire has sporadically hit areas on the Israeli side of the border.
Last month the Israeli Air Force attacked a Syrian missile launch site connected with the regime of President Bashar Assad after mortar fire struck the Israeli side of the Golan Heights.