Israeli scientist dies in the Galapagos

Prof. Tommy Berman, a world-renowned Israeli marine microbiologist, was found dead near a tourist site in the Galapagos Islands on Saturday. His death was likely due to an accidental fall during a hike he had taken the day before.
An expert in marine microbial ecology, Berman was also heavily involved in the study of lakes, desalination and water purification facilities across the world.
Berman was one of the co-founders of the Yigal Alon Kinneret Limnological Laboratory in 1968, and last year, jointly won a lifetime achievement award from the Israeli Association for Aquatic Sciences with Prof. Zvi Ben-Avraham of Tel Aviv University.
On his way to visit a cousin in Chile, Berman decided to fulfill a lifelong dream of visiting the Galapagos Islands, where he stayed in the city of Puerto Ayora.
Berman was a resident of Kibbutz Amiad, and is survived by his wife, Debbie, his three daughters, Ilana, Rina and Ora, and seven grandchildren.