'Israel's hospitals will soon have to make life-or-death choices'

Israel is "approaching an Italian situation" with hospitals having to make life-or-death decisions on which patients will get life-saving treatment, Dr. Sharon Alroy-Preis told N12 news on Friday.
In the interview she also talked about Green Zones. Expressing hope that, if the lockdown is extended by one week, schools might open in so-called 'Green Zones.' Parts of the country with low COVID-19 infection rates. 
"We want there to be [in Israel] more Green Zones," she said, adding that, "if we say [to people] open restaurants or culture events in Green Zones everyone will flock from all over the country [to these spaces]." Education, she pointed out, doesn't attract such interest from out-of-town people. 
She said that only 5% of the country's population live in Green Zones and because of that "we must reduce the infection rates." 
she said that "each and everyone of us has this responsibility." 
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