Israel's UN envoy blames Lebanese gov't for firing of Katyusha rockets

Israel filed a request at the United Nations Friday evening following the firing of at least two Katyusha rockets into northern Israel earlier in the afternoon. Israel blamed the Lebanese government for the latest violation of Resolution 1701, the UN decision from August 2006 which ended hostilities between Israel and Hizbullah in Lebanon. Gabriela Shalev, Israel's envoy at the UN, sent a letter to Susan Rice, US envoy at the UN currently holding the rotating Security Council presidency, and to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, in which she said the attack was an additional example of the presence of munitions and terror activity south of the Litani River - a direct violation of UNSC Resolution 1701. Israel accused the Lebanese government of not ensuring that the territory will be clear of armed individuals who are not official Lebanese Armed Forces troops or UNIFIL peacekeepers.