Kadima, Am Shalem parties sign vote-sharing agreement

The Kadima and Am Shalem parties signed a vote-sharing agreement on Monday, which may enable one of the pair to benefit from the "surplus" votes that each of them receives
The total number of proper votes cast in the elections is divided by 120 - the number of seats in the Knesset - to determine exactly how many votes are required to win one seat. A party must win exactly that number of votes for each parliamentary seat allotted to it. Political parties who do not sign vote-sharing agreements lose any surplus votes. However, parties who have reached vote-sharing agreements place their surplus votes into a joint kitty. If the sum total of the surplus votes of the two parties is enough to win another parliamentary seat, one of the two will win it. In order to decide which one, each party's total number of votes received is divided by the number of parliamentary seats that party has won. The result is called the "index." The party with the larger index of the two wins the extra seat. staff contributed to this report