Kiryat Malachi mayor indicted over sexual harassment

The Southern District Attorney's Office filed an indictment on Thursday against Kiryat Malachi Mayor Moti Malka, charging him with two counts of sexual harassment against two women and breach of trust.
The indictment was filed at the Beersheba Magistrate's Court in the framework of a plea bargain. The indictment states that sexual harassment by an elected official is an inherent breach of trust. Malka was also charged with a Planning and Building Law violation.  
According to the plea agreement, Malka will confess to the charges and will be convicted of the crimes. He will not receive a jail sentence but he will compensate the complainants, to the tune of 30,000 shekels each, according to Israel Radio. The agreement also requires Malka to resign, and not to run for mayor again.
The plea will be entered at a later date set by the court.