Knesset C'tee lifts gag order on many parts of Comptroller report on biometric database

With the State Comptroller poised to release a new report soon about the state's efforts to use a biometric database for citizens' identity cards, the Knesset State Control Committee on Wednesday lifted a gag order on large portions of the report, allowing "nearly all" of it to become public.
Committee Chairman Karin Elharar said, "It is fitting that the public and decision-makers, know all of the facts relating to biometric databases so they can make the best and correct decision" about whether to use the database or maintain older identity cards which are not part of national biometric databases.
The state's initiative in recent years to get large portions of the country to switch over to identity cards in a biometric database has been praised on issues of convenience and criticized for infringing on individual privacy rights.
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